Winning passion, inspired by nature ...

Ed Wolffhardt
Designer and Founder
4 x world championship medalist in canoe slalom: 
The challenge is change – from common paddling techniques to innovative designed kayaks. This requires determination and desire to win"

Manta is the only kayak canoe slalom company with the unique patented »Ergonomic Carving Radius« (ECR). This new, innovative shape strengthens the power of the water – supports better acceleration in and out of upstreams (Eddy turns).

To capitalize on this unique invention, the widest part of the kayak is designed at the seat to center the gravity increasing  gliding, stability and handling. 
All kayaks are modeled in CAD and CNC precision milled to ensure hydrodynamic and symmetric surfaces to get the best possible flow in construction of the kayaks.
Manta kayaks are designed and distributed in Austria – produced in Europe.